noun \ˈse-sə-mē also ˈse-zə-\

: a plant that is grown in warm regions and that produces small flat seeds that are used in cooking and as a source of oil

Full Definition of SESAME

:  a widely cultivated chiefly tropical or subtropical annual erect herb (Sesamum indicum of the family Pedaliaceae); also :  its small seeds used especially as a source of oil and a flavoring agent

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Origin of SESAME

alteration of earlier sesam, sesama, from Latin sesamum, sesama, from Greek sēsamon, sēsamē, of Semitic origin; akin to Akkadian šamaššamu sesame
First Known Use: 15th century

Other Seed Plant Terms

aubergine, box, bramble, briar, composite, perpetual, pulse, trefoil


noun \ˈses-ə-mē also ˈsez-\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of SESAME

: a widely cultivated annual erect herb (Sesamum indicum synonym S. orientale of the family Pedaliaceae); also : its small somewhat flat seeds used as a source of sesame oil and a flavoring agent


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Erect, annual plant (Sesamum indicum) of numerous types and varieties in the family Pedaliaceae. It has been cultivated since antiquity for its seeds, which are used as food and flavouring and yield a prized oil. The hulled seeds, creamy or pearly white and tiny, have a mild, nutlike aroma and taste. The whole seed is used extensively in the cuisines of the Middle East and Asia. Sesame oil, noted for its stability and its resistance to becoming rancid, is used as a salad or cooking oil, in shortening and margarine, in the manufacture of soaps, pharmaceuticals, and lubricants, and as an ingredient in cosmetics.


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