noun ser·vice \ˈsər-vəs\

Definition of SERVICE

a :  the occupation or function of serving <in active service>
b :  employment as a servant <entered his service>
a :  the work performed by one that serves <good service>
b :  help, use, benefit <glad to be of service>
c :  contribution to the welfare of others
d :  disposal for use <I'm entirely at your service>
a :  a form followed in worship or in a religious ceremony <the burial service>
b :  a meeting for worship —often used in plural <held evening services>
:  the act of serving: as
a :  a helpful act <did him a service>
b :  useful labor that does not produce a tangible commodity —usually used in plural <charge for professional services>
c :  serve
:  a set of articles for a particular use <a silver tea service>
a :  an administrative division (as of a government or business) <the consular service>
b :  one of a nation's military forces (as the army or navy)
a :  a facility supplying some public demand <telephone service> <bus service>
b :  a facility providing maintenance and repair <television service>
:  the materials (as spun yarn, small lines, or canvas) used for serving a rope
:  the act of bringing a legal writ, process, or summons to notice as prescribed by law
:  the act of a male animal copulating with a female animal
:  a branch of a hospital medical staff devoted to a particular specialty <obstetrical service>

Origin of SERVICE

Middle English, from Anglo-French servise, from Latin servitium condition of a slave, body of slaves, from servus slave
First Known Use: 13th century

Rhymes with SERVICE


transitive verb

: to do the work that is needed to keep (a machine or vehicle) in good condition

: to pay interest on (a loan or debt)

: to provide (someone) with something that is needed or wanted


Full Definition of SERVICE

:  to perform services for: as
a :  to repair or provide maintenance for <serviced the furnace>
b :  to meet interest and sinking fund payments on (as government debt)
c :  to perform any of the business functions auxiliary to production or distribution of
d of a male animal :  serve 10
ser·vic·er noun

Examples of SERVICE

  1. I need to get my car serviced.
  2. The shop services sewing machines and old typewriters.
  3. The company was unable to service the loan.
  4. The bookstore primarily services people looking for out-of-print books.

First Known Use of SERVICE




Definition of SERVICE

:  of or relating to the armed services
:  used in serving or supplying <delivery men use the service entrance>
:  intended for hard or everyday use
a :  providing services <the service trades—from filling stations to universities — John Fischer>
b :  offering repair, maintenance, or incidental services

Examples of SERVICE

  1. <spent his time in the army as a correspondent for service newspapers>

First Known Use of SERVICE



noun ser·vice \ˈsər-vəs\

Definition of SERVICE

:  an Old World tree (Sorbus domestica) resembling the related mountain ashes but having larger flowers and larger edible fruit; also :  a related Old World tree (S. torminalis) with bitter fruits

Origin of SERVICE

Middle English serves, plural of serve fruit of the service tree, service tree, from Old English syrfe, from Vulgar Latin *sorbea, from Latin sorbus service tree
First Known Use: 1530


biographical name Ser·vice \ˈsər-vəs\

Definition of SERVICE

Robert William 1874–1958 Canad. writer


noun ser·vice \ˈsər-vəs\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of SERVICE

:  a branch of a hospital medical staff devoted to a particular specialty <pediatric service>


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