noun \ˈsər-vər\

: a person who brings your food and drinks at a restaurant : a waiter or waitress

: the main computer in a network which provides files and services that are used by the other computers

: the player who begins play in tennis, volleyball, etc., by serving the ball

Full Definition of SERVER

:  one that serves food or drink
:  the player who serves (as in tennis)
:  something used in serving food or drink
:  one that serves legal processes upon another
:  the celebrant's assistant at mass
:  a computer in a network that is used to provide services (as access to files or shared peripherals or the routing of e-mail) to other computers in the network

Examples of SERVER

  1. She asked our server for another glass of wine.
  2. <we had barely finished ordering when the server brought our salads>

First Known Use of SERVER

15th century

Rhymes with SERVER


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Network computer, computer program, or device that processes requests from a client (see client-server architecture). On the World Wide Web, for example, a Web server is a computer that uses the HTTP protocol to send Web pages to a client's computer when the client requests them. On a local area network, a print server manages one or more printers, and prints files sent to it by client computers. Network servers (which manage network traffic) and file servers (which store and retrieve files for clients) are two more examples of servers.


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