noun \-ˈä-tiks\

: the study of signs and symbols and how they are used

plural semiotics

Full Definition of SEMIOTICS

:  a general philosophical theory of signs and symbols that deals especially with their function in both artificially constructed and natural languages and comprises syntactics, semantics, and pragmatics
semiotic adjective
se·mi·o·ti·cian \-ə-ˈti-shən\ noun
se·mi·ot·i·cist \-ˈä-tə-sist\ noun

Variants of SEMIOTICS

se·mi·ot·ics or se·mi·ot·ic \-tik\


Greek sēmeiōtikos observant of signs, from sēmeiousthai to interpret signs, from sēmeion sign, from sēma sign
First Known Use: 1880

Other Grammar and Linguistics Terms

ablaut, allusion, anacoluthon, diacritic, gerund, idiom, infinitive, metaphor, simile


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Study of signs and sign-using behaviour, especially in language. In the late 19th and early 20th century the work of Ferdinand de Saussure and Charles Sanders Peirce led to the emergence of semiotics as a method for examining phenomena in different fields, including aesthetics, anthropology, communications, psychology, and semantics. Interest in the structure behind the use of particular signs links semiotics with the methods of structuralism. Saussure's theories are also fundamental to poststructuralism.

Variants of SEMIOTICS

semiotics or semiology


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