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noun, sem·i·nary \ˈse-mə-ˌner-ē\

Simple Definition of seminary

  • : a school for training religious leaders (such as priests, ministers, and rabbis)

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of seminary

plural seminaries

  1. 1 :  an environment in which something originates and from which it is propagated <a seminary of vice and crime>

  2. 2a :  an institution of secondary or higher educationb :  an institution for the training of candidates for the priesthood, ministry, or rabbinate

Examples of seminary in a sentence

  1. <a seminary exclusively for women>

  2. <some claimed that orphanages were seminaries of sin and petty crime, turning out juvenile delinquents by the score>

Origin of seminary

Middle English, seedbed, nursery, from Latin seminarium, from semin-, semen seed

First Known Use: 1542

Rhymes with seminary

actuary, adversary, airy-fairy, ancillary, antiquary, apiary, arbitrary, aviary, axillary, bacillary, beriberi, bestiary, biliary, black raspberry, Bloody Mary, boysenberry, breviary, budgetary, calamari, calamary, candleberry, Canterbury, capillary, carpellary, cassowary, catenary, cautionary, cavitary, cemetery, centenary, certiorari, checkerberry, chinaberry, cometary, commentary, commissary, condottiere, coralberry, corollary, coronary, culinary, customary, dictionary, dietary, dignitary, dromedary, dysentery, elderberry, emissary, estuary, farkleberry, February, formulary, fragmentary, fritillary, functionary, funerary, honorary, huckleberry, intermarry, janissary, January, lamasery, lapidary, lectionary, legendary, legionary, lingonberry, literary, loganberry, luminary, mammillary, mandatary, maxillary, medullary, mercenary, miliary, military, millenary, milliary, millinery, missionary, momentary, monastery, mortuary, necessary, ordinary, ossuary, partridgeberry, pensionary, pigmentary, planetary, Pondicherry, prebendary, presbytery, pulmonary, quaternary, red mulberry, reliquary, rowanberry, salivary, salmonberry, salutary, sanctuary, sanguinary, sanitary, secondary, secretary, sedentary, silverberry, solitary, sour cherry, stationary, stationery, statuary, subcontrary, sublunary, sugarberry, sumptuary, syllabary, temporary, tertiary, thimbleberry, Tipperary, Tom and Jerry, topiary, tributary, tutelary, Typhoid Mary, unitary, urinary, vestiary, Virgin Mary, visionary, voluntary, vulnerary, Waterbury, whortleberry, winterberry

SEMINARY Defined for Kids


noun sem·i·nary \ˈse-mə-ˌner-ē\

Definition of seminary for Students

plural seminaries

  1. 1 :  a private school at or above the high school level

  2. 2 :  a school for the training of priests, ministers, or rabbis

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