noun \ˈsē-ˌs\

: a long, flat board that is balanced in the middle so that when one end goes up the other end goes down

: a situation in which something keeps changing from one state to another and back again

Full Definition of SEESAW

:  an alternating up-and-down or backward-and-forward motion or movement; also :  a contest or struggle in which now one side now the other has the lead
a :  a pastime in which two children or groups of children ride on opposite ends of a plank balanced in the middle so that one end goes up as the other goes down
b :  the plank or apparatus so used
seesaw adjective

Examples of SEESAW

  1. Their relationship was an emotional seesaw.

Origin of SEESAW

probably from reduplication of 3saw
First Known Use: 1704



: to keep changing from one state or condition to another and then back again

Full Definition of SEESAW

intransitive verb
a :  to move backward and forward or up and down
b :  to play at seesaw
:  alternate <seesaw between two activities>
transitive verb
:  to cause to move in seesaw fashion

Examples of SEESAW

  1. The lead seesawed between the two runners right up to the finish line.
  2. <as their boat seesawed in the rough water, the rescue team tried to get the passengers off the sinking ship>

First Known Use of SEESAW



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