sea horse

sea horse


: a small fish that has a head that looks like a horse's head and that swims with its head above its body and tail

Full Definition of SEA HORSE

:  walrus
:  a mythical creature half horse and half fish
:  any of a genus (Hippocampus of the family Syngnathidae) of small bony fishes that have the head angled downward toward the body which is carried vertically and are equipped with a prehensile tail

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First Known Use of SEA HORSE

15th century

sea horse

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Sea horse (Hippocampus erectus).—Des Bartlett/Bruce Coleman Ltd.

Any of about 24 species (family Syngnathidae) of fishes that usually live along warm seashores, clinging to plants with their forward-curled, prehensile tail. Species range from 1.5 to 12 in. (4–30 cm) long. Sea horses have bony rings instead of scales, and their eyes can move independently. They swim upright, propelling themselves horizontally with their fins and vertically with their swim bladder. They catch small organisms by sucking them quickly into their small mouths. The female deposits her eggs into a brood pouch beneath the male's tail, and the male expels the newly hatched young.


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