noun sculp·ture \ˈskəlp-chər\

: a piece of art that is made by carving or molding clay, stone, metal, etc.

: the process or art of carving or molding clay, stone, metal, etc., into a sculpture

Full Definition of SCULPTURE

a :  the action or art of processing (as by carving, modeling, or welding) plastic or hard materials into works of art
b (1) :  work produced by sculpture
(2) :  a three-dimensional work of art (as a statue)
:  impressed or raised markings or a pattern of such especially on a plant or animal part

Examples of SCULPTURE

  1. a sculpture of an elephant
  2. an exhibit of African sculpture


Middle English, from Latin sculptura, from sculptus, past participle of sculpere to carve, alteration of scalpere to scratch, carve
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Fine Arts Terms

Gothic, baroque, bas-relief, limn, oeuvre, pastiche, rococo, sfumato


sculp·turedsculp·tur·ing \ˈskəlp-chə-riŋ, ˈskəlp-shriŋ\

Definition of SCULPTURE

transitive verb
a :  to form an image or representation of from solid material (as wood or stone)
b :  to form into a three-dimensional work of art
:  to change (the form of the earth's surface) by natural processes (as erosion and deposition)
:  to shape by or as if by carving or molding
intransitive verb
:  to work as a sculptor

Examples of SCULPTURE

  1. <the artist used a hammer and chisel to sculpture the horse out of ice>

First Known Use of SCULPTURE


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