verb \ˈskranj\

: to persuade someone to give you (something) for free

: to get or find something by looking in different places, asking different people, etc.


Full Definition of SCROUNGE

transitive verb
:  steal, swipe
a :  to get as needed by or as if by foraging, scavenging, or borrowing <scrounging enough money for a bus ticket>
b :  finagle, wheedle —often used with up
intransitive verb
:  to search about and turn up something needed from whatever source is available; also :  to actively seek money, work, or sustenance from any available source
scroung·er noun

Examples of SCROUNGE

  1. I managed to scrounge enough money for a bus ticket.
  2. He's always scrounging off his friends instead of paying for things himself.
  3. We scrounged around for firewood.
  4. We managed to scrounge some firewood.

Origin of SCROUNGE

alteration of English dialect scrunge to wander about idly
First Known Use: circa 1909

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