noun \ˈskri-mij\

American football : the point in a game at which the center passes or throws the ball to the quarterback

: an informal game that is played for practice : a game that is not official

Full Definition of SCRIMMAGE

a :  a minor battle :  skirmish
b :  a confused fight :  scuffle
a :  the interplay between two football teams that begins with the snap of the ball and continues until the ball is dead
b :  practice play (as in football or basketball) between two squads

Examples of SCRIMMAGE

  1. The first play from scrimmage netted them a touchdown.
  2. <the two players got into a scrimmage off the court and got suspended>


Middle English scrymmage, alteration of skyrmissh skirmish
First Known Use: 15th century

Other Field and Goal Sports Terms

crease, lateral, lax, overthrow, playbook, post, screen, scrum, secondary, ultimate

Rhymes with SCRIMMAGE



: to play in a scrimmage


Full Definition of SCRIMMAGE

intransitive verb
:  to take part in a scrimmage
transitive verb
:  to play a scrimmage against
scrim·mag·er noun

Examples of SCRIMMAGE

  1. Last weekend we scrimmaged against Bell High.

First Known Use of SCRIMMAGE

circa 1825

Other General Sports Terms

kegler, mulligan, rappel, turkey

Rhymes with SCRIMMAGE


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