noun \ˈskrēch\

: a loud and very high cry that usually expresses extreme pain, anger, or fear

: a loud and very high sound

Full Definition of SCREECH

:  a high shrill piercing cry usually expressing pain or terror
:  a sound resembling a screech

Examples of SCREECH

  1. With a loud screech, she smashed the plate against the wall.

First Known Use of SCREECH




: to cry out or shout in a loud and very high voice because of extreme pain, anger, fear, etc.

: to make a loud and very high sound

Full Definition of SCREECH

intransitive verb
:  to utter a high shrill piercing cry :  make an outcry usually in terror or pain
:  to make a shrill high-pitched sound resembling a screech; also :  to move with such a sound <the car screeched to a stop>
transitive verb
:  to utter with or as if with a screech
screech·er noun

Examples of SCREECH

  1. I screeched when I saw the mouse.
  2. He kept screeching at the children to pay attention.
  3. You can't do this to me! she screeched.

Origin of SCREECH

alteration of earlier scritch, from Middle English scrichen; akin to Old Norse skrækja to screech
First Known Use: 1577

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