noun \ˈskr-ē-ə\
plural sco·ri·ae\-ē-ˌē, -ē-ˌī\

Definition of SCORIA

:  the refuse from melting of metals or reduction of ores :  slag
:  rough vesicular cindery lava
sco·ri·a·ceous \ˌskr-ē-ˈā-shəs\ adjective

Origin of SCORIA

Middle English, from Latin, from Greek skōria, from skōr excrement — more at scatology
First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with SCORIA


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Heavy, dark, glassy igneous rock that contains many bubblelike cavities. Foamlike scoria, in which the bubbles are very thin shells of solidified basaltic magma, occurs as a product of explosive eruptions (as on Hawaii) and as frothy crusts on some lavas. Other scoria, sometimes called volcanic cinder, resembles clinkers, or cinders from a coal furnace.


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