Scilly, Isles of

Scil·ly, Isles of

geographical name \ˈsi-lē\

Definition of SCILLY, ISLES OF

island group SW England off Land's End comprising 140 islands Hugh Town area 6 square miles (16 square kilometers), pop 2900 — see cornwall 2
Scil·lo·ni·an \si-ˈlō-nē-ən\ adjective or noun

Scilly, Isles of

   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Group of about 50 small islands and many more islets, southwestern England. Located off Land's End, with an area of about 6 sq mi (16 sq km), the islands are a continuation of the granite masses of the Cornish mainland. During the English Civil Wars, Prince Charles sheltered there until his escape to Jersey in 1646. The islands were a haunt of pirates and notorious for smuggling activities. Administratively, they are a distinct unit within England, though they form part of the county of Cornwall.

Variants of SCILLY, ISLES OF

Scilly, Isles of or Scilly Isles


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