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noun \ˈskül\

Definition of school

  1. 1 :  an organization that provides instruction: asa :  an institution for the teaching of childrenb :  college, universityc (1) :  a group of scholars and teachers pursuing knowledge together that with similar groups constituted a medieval university (2) :  one of the four faculties of a medieval university (3) :  an institution for specialized higher education often associated with a university <the school of engineering>d :  an establishment offering specialized instruction <a secretarial school> <driving schools>

  2. 2a (1) :  the process of teaching or learning especially at a school (2) :  attendance at a school (3) :  a session of a schoolb :  a school buildingc :  the students attending a school; also :  its teachers and students

  3. 3 :  a source of knowledge <experience was his school>

  4. 4a :  a group of persons who hold a common doctrine or follow the same teacher (as in philosophy, theology, or medicine) <the Aristotelian school>; also :  the doctrine or practice of such a groupb :  a group of artists under a common influencec :  a group of persons of similar opinions or behavior; also :  the shared opinions or behavior of such a group <other schools of thought>

  5. 5 :  the regulations governing military drill of individuals or units; also :  the exercises carried out <the school of the soldier>

Origin of school

Middle English scole, from Old English scōl, from Latin schola, from Greek scholē leisure, discussion, lecture, school; perhaps akin to Greek echein to hold — more at scheme

First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with school



transitive verb

Definition of school

  1. 1a :  to teach or drill in a specific knowledge or skill <well schooled in languages>b :  to discipline or habituate to something <school oneself in patience>

  2. 2 :  to educate in an institution of learning

15th Century

First Known Use of school

15th century

Synonym Discussion of school

teach, instruct, educate, train, discipline, school mean to cause to acquire knowledge or skill. teach applies to any manner of imparting information or skill so that others may learn <taught us a lot about our planet>. instruct suggests methodical or formal teaching <instructs raw recruits in military drill>. educate implies development of the mind <more things than formal schooling serve to educate a person>. train stresses instruction and drill with a specific end in view <trained foreign pilots to operate the new aircraft>. discipline implies training in habits of order and precision <a disciplined mind>. school implies training or disciplining especially in what is hard to master <schooled the horse in five gaits>.




Definition of school

  1. :  a large number of fish or aquatic animals of one kind swimming together

Origin of school

Middle English scole, from Middle Dutch schole; akin to Old English scolu multitude and probably to Old English scylian to separate — more at skill

First Known Use: 15th century



intransitive verb

Definition of school

  1. :  to swim or feed in a school <bluefish are schooling>


First Known Use of school


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