verb \ˈsker\

: to cause (someone) to become afraid

: to become afraid


Full Definition of SCARE

transitive verb
:  to frighten especially suddenly :  alarm
intransitive verb
:  to become scared
scar·er noun

Examples of SCARE

  1. You scared me. I didn't see you there.
  2. Stop that, you're scaring the children.

Origin of SCARE

Middle English skerren, from Old Norse skirra, from skjarr shy, timid
First Known Use: 13th century



: a sudden feeling of fear

: a situation in which a lot of people become afraid because of some threat, danger, etc.

Full Definition of SCARE

:  a sudden fright
:  a widespread state of alarm :  panic
scare adjective

Examples of SCARE

  1. There have been scares about the water supply being contaminated.
  2. <fired over their heads in order to throw a scare into them>

First Known Use of SCARE

circa 1548


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