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noun saw·fish \ˈsȯ-ˌfish\

Definition of sawfish

  1. :  any of a family (Pristidae) of large elongate rays that resemble sharks but have a long flattened snout with a row of serrate structures along each edge and that live in tropical and subtropical shallow seas and in or near the mouths of rivers


First Known Use of sawfish


Rhymes with sawfish

batfish, billfish, blackfish, blindfish, blowfish, bluefish, bonefish, catfish, codfish, cold fish, cowfish, crawfish, crayfish, death wish, deep-dish, dogfish, filefish, finfish, flatfish, fly-fish, game fish, garfish, globefish, goatfish, goldfish, goosefish, hagfish, hogfish, Irtysh, jewfish, kingfish, knish, lungfish, lumpfish, milkfish, monkfish, moonfish, oarfish, panfish, pigfish, pinfish, pipefish, ratfish, redfish, rockfish, rough fish, sailfish, shellfish, side dish, spearfish, sport fish, starfish, stonefish, sunfish, swordfish, tilefish, toadfish, trash fish, trunkfish, unwish, weakfish, whitefish

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