: an amount of something that is not spent or used

savings : the amount of money that you have saved especially in a bank over a period of time

Full Definition of SAVING

:  preservation from danger or destruction :  deliverance
:  the act or an instance of economizing
a plural :  money put by
b :  the excess of income over consumption expenditures —often used in plural
c :  a usually specified lower cost —often used in plural <a savings of 50 percent>

Examples of SAVING

  1. The new system will provide a saving in labor.
  2. How much money do you have in savings?
  3. She has her savings in stocks.
  4. They were able to retire on their savings.

Origin of SAVING

Middle English, from gerund of saven to save
First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with SAVING



Definition of SAVING

:  except, save
:  without disrespect to

Examples of SAVING

  1. <saving three members, the club is now fully committed to the fund-raising project>

Origin of SAVING

Middle English, from present participle of saven
First Known Use: 14th century



Definition of SAVING

:  except, save

Examples of SAVING

  1. <I would be ready, saving the fact that I can't find my missing shoe.>

First Known Use of SAVING

15th century

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but, only, except, yet
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