adjective sav·age \ˈsa-vij\

Definition of SAVAGE

a :  not domesticated or under human control :  untamed <savage beasts>
b :  lacking the restraints normal to civilized human beings :  fierce, ferocious <a savage criminal>
:  wild, uncultivated <seldom have I seen such savage scenery — Douglas Carruthers>
a :  boorish, rude <the savage bad manners of most motorists — M. P. O'Connor>
b :  malicious
:  lacking complex or advanced culture :  uncivilized <a savage country>
sav·age·ly adverb
sav·age·ness noun

Examples of SAVAGE

  1. He was the victim of a savage attack.
  2. The coast was lashed by savage storms.
  3. He wrote savage satires about people he didn't like.

Origin of SAVAGE

Middle English, from Anglo-French salvage, savage, from Late Latin salvaticus, alteration of Latin silvaticus of the woods, wild, from silva wood, forest
First Known Use: 13th century

Rhymes with SAVAGE



Definition of SAVAGE

:  a person belonging to a primitive society
:  a brutal person
:  a rude or unmannerly person

Examples of SAVAGE

  1. What kind of savage could have committed such a terrible crime?
  2. <what kind of savage would hurt a baby?>

First Known Use of SAVAGE

15th century

Other Anthropology Terms

ectomorph, ethnography, prehistory, yurt

Rhymes with SAVAGE


transitive verb

: to attack or treat (someone or something) in a very cruel, violent, or harsh way


Full Definition of SAVAGE

:  to attack or treat brutally

Examples of SAVAGE

  1. He looked like he'd been savaged by a wild animal.
  2. A hurricane savaged the city.
  3. The newspapers savaged his reputation.

First Known Use of SAVAGE



biographical name Sav·age \ˈsa-vij\

Definition of SAVAGE

Michael Joseph 1872–1940 prime min. of New Zealand (1935–40)


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