noun \(ˌ)s-ˈris-kē-ən\

Definition of SAURISCHIAN

:  any of an order (Saurischia) of herbivorous or carnivorous dinosaurs that have the pubis of the pelvis typically pointed downward and forward and that include the sauropods and theropods — compare ornithischian
saurischian adjective


New Latin Saurischia, ultimately from Greek sauros lizard + New Latin ischium ischium
First Known Use: circa 1889


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any “lizard-hipped” dinosaur species (order Saurischia), with hip bones arranged like those of modern reptiles, the pubis bone pointed forward and down. The order includes all carnivorous and some giant herbivorous dinosaurs. Saurischians evolved from small bipedal dinosaurs called thecodonts; they first appeared in the Late Triassic epoch (227–206 million years ago). The order consists of three suborders: theropods, sauropods, and staurikosaurs (suborder Staurikosauria). Staurikosaurs, known only from the incomplete remains of a few species, seem to have been medium-sized flesh-eaters similar to the theropods. See also ornithischian.


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