Santa Cruz de Tenerife

San·ta Cruz de Te·ne·ri·fe

geographical name \ˌsän-tä-ˈkrüs-dā-ˌte-nə-ˈrē-(ˌ)fā, -ˈrēf, -ˈrif\


province Spain comprising W Canary Islands area 1239 square miles (3209 square kilometers), pop 806,801
city & port, its , on NE Tenerife Island pop 188,477

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Port city (pop., 2001: 188,477), capital of the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Spain. Founded in 1494, it occupies a small plain between two usually waterless ravines. It was attacked by the British in 1657 and 1797; the latter assault was led by Horatio Nelson. After 1877 growth was spurred by the banana and tomato trade and, later, by harbour improvements and tourism. In 1936 Francisco Franco, then captain general of the Canary Islands, organized from Santa Cruz the national uprising that led to the Spanish Civil War. Industries include oil refining.


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