noun \sə-ˈlü-kē\

Definition of SALUKI

:  any of an ancient northern African and Asian breed of tall swift slender hunting dogs having long narrow heads, long silky ears, and a smooth silky coat

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Origin of SALUKI

Arabic salūqī of Saluq, from Salūq Saluq, ancient city in Arabia
First Known Use: 1809

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Breed of hound whose ancestors may date to 7000 BC. It was sacred to the Egyptians, who called it the “royal dog of Egypt” and used it to hunt gazelle. Keen-sighted and hardy, it resembles a greyhound, with long ears and silky coat. Colours can be solid white, tan, or reddish brown or a combination of black, tan, and white. It stands 18–28 in. (46–71 cm) tall and weighs 45–60 lb (20–27 kg).


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