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Saint Petersburg

geographical name Saint Pe·ters·burg \ˈpē-tərz-ˌbərg\

Simple Definition of Saint Petersburg

  • : U.S. city, Florida

  • : city in Russia

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of Saint Petersburg

  1. 1 city W Florida on Pinellas Peninsula SW of Tampa pop 244,769

  2. 2 or 1914–24 Petrograd play \ˈpe-trə-ˌgrad, -ˌgrät\ or 1924–91 Leningrad play \ˈle-nən-ˌgrad, -ˌgrät\ city W Russia in Europe, at E end of Gulf of Finland; ∗ of Russian Empire 1712–1917 pop 4,952,000

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