Saint Bernard


Saint Ber·nard

noun \-bər-ˈnärd\

Definition of SAINT BERNARD

:  any of a Swiss alpine breed of tall powerful working dogs used especially formerly in aiding lost travelers

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the hospice of Grand St. Bernard, where such dogs were first bred
First Known Use: 1839

Saint Bernard

geographical name

Definition of SAINT BERNARD

Saint Bernard

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Breed of rescue dog that saved about 2,500 people over 300 years of service at a hospice in Great St. Bernard pass in the Pennine Alps. Probably descended from mastiff-like dogs, it was brought to the hospice in the late 17th century. A powerful dog with a massive head and drooping ears, it stands at least 25 in. (65 cm) and weighs 110–200 lbs (50–90 kg). Its dense coat is red-brown and white or brindle and white and may be short or medium-long. The long-haired variety was produced by crosses with the Newfoundland in the early 19th century.


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