noun \ˈsā-liŋ\

: the sport or activity of traveling on water in a sailboat

Full Definition of SAILING

a :  the technical skill of managing a ship :  navigation
b :  the method of determining the course to be followed to reach a given point
a :  the sport of handling or riding in a sailboat
b :  a departure from a port

Examples of SAILING

  1. They're going sailing next week.

First Known Use of SAILING

before 12th century


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Principal parts of a sloop-rigged sailboat. A single mast is mounted forward of the keel and …—© Merriam-Webster Inc.

Sport or pastime of racing or cruising a sailboat or yacht. A modern yacht (from a Dutch word meaning “ship for chasing”) is a sailboat used for racing. In the 17th century Dutch royalty sailed early yachts for pleasure; Charles II brought the sport to England. Organized yacht racing on the Thames began in the mid-18th century. In North America yachting began with the Dutch in New York in the 17th century. The first U.S. yacht clubs were founded in the mid-19th century. Sailboat races are held over two kinds of courses, point-to-point and closed. Yacht racing has been part of the Olympic Games since 1900. The America's Cup is the preeminent prize in yachting.

Variants of SAILING

sailing or yachting


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