adjective sa·cred \ˈsā-krəd\

: worthy of religious worship : very holy

: relating to religion

: highly valued and important : deserving great respect

Full Definition of SACRED

a :  dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of a deity <a tree sacred to the gods>
b :  devoted exclusively to one service or use (as of a person or purpose) <a fund sacred to charity>
a :  worthy of religious veneration :  holy
b :  entitled to reverence and respect
:  of or relating to religion :  not secular or profane <sacred music>
archaic :  accursed
a :  unassailable, inviolable
b :  highly valued and important <a sacred responsibility>
sa·cred·ly adverb
sa·cred·ness noun

Examples of SACRED

  1. The burial site is sacred ground.
  2. the sacred image of the Virgin Mary
  3. the sacred pursuit of liberty
  4. We have a sacred duty to find out the truth.
  5. Freedom is a sacred right.
  6. They'll make jokes about anything. Nothing is sacred to those guys.
  7. I can't believe they would do that. Is nothing sacred?

Origin of SACRED

Middle English, from past participle of sacren to consecrate, from Anglo-French sacrer, from Latin sacrare, from sacr-, sacer sacred; akin to Latin sancire to make sacred, Hittite šaklāi- rite
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Christian Religious Terms

Pentateuch, blasphemy, curate, doxology, eremite, iconoclasm, liturgy, orison, pneuma, reliquary
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