geographical name \rü-ˈän-dä\

Definition of RWANDA

country E cen Africa; a republic Kigali area 10,169 square miles (26,338 square kilometers), pop 8,128,553 — see ruanda-urundi
Rwan·dan \-dən\ adjective or noun
Rwan·dese \r-ˌän-ˈdēz, -ˈdēs\ adjective or noun

Variants of RWANDA

Rwan·da or chiefly formerly Ru·an·da

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geographical name    (Concise Encyclopedia)

/div>Country, east-central Africa. Area: 10,185 sq mi (26,379 sq km). Population: (2009 est.) 9,998,000. Capital: Kigali. The population is mostly Hutu, with a Tutsi minority; the Twa are also present in small numbers. Languages: Rwanda, French, English (all official). Religions: Christianity (mostly Roman Catholic; also Protestant); also traditional beliefs, Islam. Currency: Rwanda franc. Rwanda is a landlocked mountainous country, most of it at an elevation above 4,000 ft (1,200 m). There are bamboo forests, wooded regions, and grassy savannas with rich and varied wildlife. The developing economy is mainly free-enterprise, based on agriculture. Rwanda is a multiparty republic with two legislative bodies; its head of state and government is the president, assisted by the prime minister. Originally inhabited by the Twa, a Pygmy people, it became home to the Hutu, who were well established there when the Tutsi appeared in the 14th century. The Tutsi conquered the Hutu and in the 15th century founded a kingdom near Kigali. The kingdom expanded steadily, but from 1894 to 1918 Rwanda was part of German East Africa. The Belgians occupied Rwanda in 1916, and the League of Nations created Ruanda-Urundi as a Belgian mandate in 1923. The Tutsi retained their dominance until shortly before Rwanda reached independence in 1962, when the Hutu took control of the government and stripped the Tutsi of much of their land. Many Tutsi fled Rwanda, and the Hutu dominated the country's political system, waging sporadic civil wars until mid-1994, when the death of the country's leader in a plane crash triggered massive violence. The Tutsi-led Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) took over the country by force after the massacre of almost one million Tutsi and Tutsi sympathizers by the Hutu. Two million refugees, mostly Hutu, fled to the neighbouring Democratic Republic of the Congo after the RPF's victory. A transitional government was replaced in 2003 following the country's first multiparty elections.

Variants of RWANDA

Rwanda officially Republic of Rwanda


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