noun \ˈrü-də-mənt\

Definition of RUDIMENT

:  a basic principle or element or a fundamental skill —usually used in plural <teaching themselves the rudiments of rational government — G. B. Galanti>
a :  something unformed or undeveloped :  beginning —usually used in plural <the rudiments of a plan>
b (1) :  a body part so deficient in size or structure as to be entirely unable to perform its normal function
(2) :  an organ just beginning to develop :  anlage
ru·di·men·tal \ˌrü-də-ˈmen-təl\ adjective

Origin of RUDIMENT

Latin rudimentum beginning, from rudis raw, rude
First Known Use: 1548


noun \ˈrüd-ə-mənt\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of RUDIMENT

: an incompletely developed organ or part; especially : an organ or part just beginning to develop : anlage


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