rubber stamp


rubber stamp


: a small tool that consists of a handle attached to a piece of carved rubber and that is dipped in ink and then pressed on paper to print a date, name, symbol, etc.

: a person or organization that automatically approves everything that someone does or decides

Full Definition of RUBBER STAMP

:  a stamp of rubber for making imprints
a :  a person who echoes or imitates others
b :  a mostly powerless yet officially recognized body or person that approves or endorses programs and policies initiated usually by a single specified source <the parliament was a rubber stamp for the dictator>
a :  a stereotyped copy or expression <the usual rubber stamps of criticism — H. L. Mencken>
b :  a routine endorsement or approval
rubber–stamp adjective

Examples of RUBBER STAMP

  1. The legislature has been nothing more than a rubber stamp for the President.
  2. <an author who was ultimately just another rubber stamp of Hemingway>

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