adverb \ˈrə-flē\

: not exactly but close in number, quality, meaning, etc.

: in a way that is not gentle or careful

: in a very simple or basic way

Full Definition of ROUGHLY

:  in a rough manner: as
a :  with harshness or violence <treated the prisoner roughly>
b :  in crude fashion :  imperfectly <roughly dressed lumber>
:  without completeness or exactness :  approximately <roughly 20 percent>

Examples of ROUGHLY

  1. Roughly translated, it means hurry up!.
  2. The new product is modeled roughly on an earlier design.
  3. He threw the package roughly in the truck.
  4. The guard told us roughly that we had to stand back.

First Known Use of ROUGHLY

14th century

Rhymes with ROUGHLY


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