adjective \rō-ˈtənd, ˈrō-ˌ\

: fat and round

Full Definition of ROTUND

:  marked by roundness :  rounded
:  marked by fullness of sound or cadence :  orotund, sonorous <a master of rotund diction>
:  notably plump :  chubby
ro·tun·di·ty \rō-ˈtən-də-tē\ noun
ro·tund·ly \-ˈtənd-lē, ˈrō-ˌ\ adverb
ro·tund·ness \rō-ˈtən(d)-nəs, ˈrō-ˌ\ noun

Examples of ROTUND

  1. <a rotund little man who, predictably, was asked to play Santa every year>
  2. <the actor's distinct baritone and his clear and rotund elocution are especially effective in dramatic readings>

Origin of ROTUND

Latin rotundus, probably alteration of Old Latin *retundus; akin to Latin rota wheel — more at roll
First Known Use: 1665


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