noun \rō-ˈzet\

: a badge or ornament that is made of ribbon and folded in the shape of a rose

: a design shaped like a rose that is used as a decoration

Full Definition of ROSETTE

:  an ornament usually made of material gathered or pleated so as to resemble a rose and worn as a badge of office, as evidence of having won a decoration (as the Medal of Honor), or as trimming
:  a disk of foliage or a floral design usually in relief used as a decorative motif
:  a structure or color marking on an animal suggestive of a rosette; especially :  one of the groups of spots on a leopard
:  a cluster of leaves in crowded circles or spirals arising basally from a crown (as in the dandelion) or apically from an axis with greatly shortened internodes (as in many tropical palms)
:  a food decoration or garnish in the shape of a rose <icing rosettes> <carrot rosettes>

Examples of ROSETTE

  1. a rosette of chocolate frosting
  2. Rosettes are carved in the base of the statue.

Illustration of ROSETTE

Origin of ROSETTE

French, literally, small rose, from Old French, from rose, from Latin rosa
First Known Use: 1790


noun \rō-ˈzet\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of ROSETTE

: a rose-shaped cluster of cells


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