noun \-ˌfish\

Definition of ROCKFISH

:  any of various fishes that live among rocks or on rocky bottoms: as
a :  any of a genus (Sebastes) of scorpaenid fishes including many important food fishes
b :  striped bass
c :  any of several groupers

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Name applied to species in the scorpion-fish family (Scorpaenidae), including the lionfish, redfish, and zebra fish. In North America the name is also applied to the eastern mudminnow (Umbra pygmaea, family Umbridae), one of several hardy fishes of cool, mud-bottomed ponds, lakes, and streams. Eastern mudminnows frequently bury themselves, tail first, in the mud. They are often used as bait.

Variants of ROCKFISH

rockfish or stonefish


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