robber fly

robber fly


Definition of ROBBER FLY

:  any of a family (Asilidae) of predaceous dipteran flies including some resembling bumblebees

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robber fly

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Robber fly (Asilidae)—William E. Ferguson

Any of about 4,000 species of predatory dipterans in the family Asilidae, found worldwide. Robber flies are the largest of all dipterans; some species are 3 in. (8 cm) long. Most have a dull-coloured, stout body resembling that of a bumblebee and a moustache of bristles between the large-faceted eyes. They use their long legs to capture insects in flight and hold them while eating; a fluid injected into the victim breaks down muscle tissue. A few species are serious pests of apiaries.

Variants of ROBBER FLY

robber fly or assassin fly


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