ripple mark


ripple mark


Definition of RIPPLE MARK

:  one of a series of small ridges produced especially on sand by the action of wind, a current of water, or waves
:  a striation across the grain of wood especially on the tangential surface
rip·ple–marked \ˈri-pəl-ˌmärkt\ adjective

First Known Use of RIPPLE MARK


ripple mark

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

One of a series of small marine, lake, or riverine features, consisting of repeating wavelike forms with symmetric slopes, sharp peaks, and rounded troughs. Ripple marks are formed in sandy bottoms by oscillation waves, in which only the wave form advances rapidly, the actual water-particle motion consisting of almost closed vertical orbits. The presence of the bottom restricts the lowermost orbits into nearly flat ellipses, and the bottom water moves back and forth rhythmically. If the maximum horizontal velocity of this motion is capable of moving the grains composing the bed, ripple marks develop. See also wave.


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