verb \ˈrin(t)s, especially dial ˈrench\

: to wash (something) with clean water and without soap

: to wash (something) with a liquid other than clean water

: to remove (something) from an object by washing the object with clean water


Full Definition of RINSE

transitive verb
:  to cleanse by flushing with liquid (as water) —often used with out <rinse out the mouth>
a :  to cleanse (as of soap) by clear water
b :  to treat (hair) with a rinse
:  to remove (dirt or impurities) by washing lightly or in water only
rins·er noun

Examples of RINSE

  1. I rinsed my face in the sink.
  2. He washed the dishes and then rinsed them thoroughly.
  3. The tools were rinsed in alcohol.
  4. She rinsed the dirt off the lettuce.
  5. He rinsed the soap out of the cup.

Origin of RINSE

Middle English rincen, from Anglo-French rincer, alteration of Old French recincier, from Vulgar Latin *recentiare, from Latin recent-, recens fresh, recent
First Known Use: 14th century



: an act of washing something with a liquid and especially with clean water

: liquid that is used for rinsing something

: a dye that you put on your hair to change its color for a short time

Full Definition of RINSE

:  the act or process of rinsing
a :  liquid used for rinsing
b :  a solution that temporarily tints hair

Examples of RINSE

  1. She dunked the dish in the rinse water.
  2. Use sanitizing rinse on the scissors.
  3. a bottle of hair rinse

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