adjective rig·id \ˈri-jəd\

: not able to be bent easily

: not easily changed

: not willing to change opinions or behavior

Full Definition of RIGID

a :  deficient in or devoid of flexibility <rigid price controls> <a rigid bar of metal>
b :  appearing stiff and unyielding <his face rigid with pain>
a :  inflexibly set in opinion
b :  strictly observed <adheres to a rigid schedule>
:  firmly inflexible rather than lax or indulgent <a rigid disciplinarian>
:  precise and accurate in procedure <rigid control of the manufacturing process>
of an airship :  having the outer shape maintained by a fixed framework
rig·id·ly adverb
rig·id·ness noun

Examples of RIGID

  1. The patient's legs were rigid.
  2. He is a rigid disciplinarian.

Origin of RIGID

Middle English rigide, from Latin rigidus, from rigēre to be stiff
First Known Use: 15th century

Synonym Discussion of RIGID

rigid, rigorous, strict, stringent mean extremely severe or stern. rigid implies uncompromising inflexibility <rigid rules of conduct>. rigorous implies the imposition of hardship and difficulty <the rigorous training of recruits>. strict emphasizes undeviating conformity to rules, standards, or requirements <strict enforcement of the law>. stringent suggests severe, tight restriction or limitation <stringent standards of admission>.
synonyms see in addition stiff

Rhymes with RIGID

RIGIDNESS Defined for Kids


adjective rig·id \ˈri-jəd\

Definition of RIGID for Kids

:  not flexible :  stiff <rigid plastic>
:  strict 2, severe <rigid discipline>
rig·id·ly adverb
Medical Dictionary


adjective rig·id \ˈrij-əd\

Medical Definition of RIGID

:  deficient in or devoid of flexibility :  characterized by stiffness <rigid muscles>


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