noun \ˌrīt-ə(v)-ˈwā\

: the right to move onto or across a road before other people or vehicles

: a legal right to go across another person's land

: a path on a person's land which other people have a legal right to use

plural rights–of–way also right–of–ways

Full Definition of RIGHT-OF-WAY

:  a legal right of passage over another person's ground
a :  the area over which a right-of-way exists
b :  the strip of land over which is built a public road
c :  the land occupied by a railroad especially for its main line
d :  the land used by a public utility (as for a transmission line)
a :  a precedence in passing accorded to one vehicle over another by custom, decision, or statute
b :  the right of traffic to take precedence
c :  the right to take precedence over others <gave the bill the right–of–way in the Senate>

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