noun rib·bon \ˈri-bən\

: a narrow piece of cloth (such as silk) that is used to tie things or for decoration

: a short piece of cloth that is given as a military award

: a piece of colored cloth that is given as an award in a competition

Full Definition of RIBBON

a :  a flat or tubular narrow closely woven fabric (as of silk or rayon) used for trimmings or knitting
b :  a narrow fabric used for tying packages
c :  a piece of usually multicolored ribbon worn as a military decoration or in place of a medal
d :  a strip of colored satin given for winning a place in a competition
:  a strip of inked fabric (as in a typewriter)
plural :  reins for controlling an animal
:  tatter, shred —usually used in plural <a sheet cut to ribbons>
:  ribband
rib·bon·like \-ˌlīk\ adjective

Examples of RIBBON

  1. She wore pink ribbons in her hair.
  2. She tied a ribbon around the present.
  3. The present was tied with ribbon.
  4. The soldier proudly wore his ribbons and medals.
  5. Her pie won a ribbon at the county fair.

Origin of RIBBON

Middle English riban, from Anglo-French ribane, rubane
First Known Use: 14th century

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Definition of RIBBON

transitive verb
a :  to adorn with ribbons
b :  to divide into ribbons
c :  to cover with or as if with ribbons
:  to rip to shreds

Examples of RIBBON

  1. <over the years the historic flag had become badly ribboned by the wind>

First Known Use of RIBBON

RIBBONLIKE Defined for Kids


noun rib·bon \ˈri-bən\

Definition of RIBBON for Kids

:  a narrow strip of usually colorful fabric used especially for decoration or to tie things
:  a ribbon that is given as an award
:  tatter 1, shred —usually used in pl. <The sails were torn to ribbons.>


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