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noun rhap·sode \ˈrap-ˌsōd\

Definition of rhapsode

Origin and Etymology of rhapsode

French, from Greek rhapsōidos

First Known Use: 1834

Rhymes with rhapsode

abode, anode, bar code, boatload, busload, byroad, carload, cartload, caseload, cathode, church mode, commode, corrode, crossroad, dead load, decode, diode, displode, download, dress code, dynode, embowed, encode, epode, erode, explode, forebode, freeload, front-load, geode, high road, implode, inroad, live load, lymph node, no-load, off-load, outmode, payload, planeload, postcode, post road, railroad, sarod, shipload, side road, Silk Road, skid road, source code, spring-load, square-toed, tetrode, threnode, trainload, triode, truckload, unload, upload, zip code

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an indentation on an edge or a surface

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