verb \ri-ˈvōk\

: to officially cancel the power or effect of (something, such as a law, license, agreement, etc.) : to make (something) not valid


Full Definition of REVOKE

transitive verb
:  to annul by recalling or taking back :  rescind <revoke a will>
:  to bring or call back
intransitive verb
:  to fail to follow suit when able in a card game in violation of the rules
re·vok·er noun

Examples of REVOKE

  1. The judge revoked her driver's license.
  2. Their work permits were revoked.
  3. Their privileges were revoked after they misbehaved.

Origin of REVOKE

Middle English, from Anglo-French revocer, revoquer, from Latin revocare, from re- + vocare to call, from voc-, vox voice — more at voice
First Known Use: 14th century



Definition of REVOKE

:  an act or instance of revoking in a card game

First Known Use of REVOKE



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