verb \ri-ˈtān\

: to continue to have or use (something)

: to keep (someone) in a position, job, etc.

: to pay for the work of (a person or business)

Full Definition of RETAIN

transitive verb
a :  to keep in possession or use
b :  to keep in one's pay or service; specifically :  to employ by paying a retainer
c :  to keep in mind or memory :  remember
:  to hold secure or intact

Examples of RETAIN

  1. A landlord may retain part of your deposit if you break the lease.
  2. They insisted on retaining old customs.
  3. You will retain your rights as a citizen.
  4. The TV show has retained its popularity for many years.
  5. The company's goal is to attract and retain good employees.
  6. The team failed to retain him, and he became a free agent.
  7. They have decided to retain a firm to conduct a survey.
  8. You may need to retain an attorney.

Origin of RETAIN

Middle English reteinen, retainen, from Anglo-French retenir, reteigner, from Latin retinēre to hold back, restrain, from re- + tenēre to hold — more at thin
First Known Use: 15th century


transitive verb \ri-ˈtān\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of RETAIN

: to hold or keep in <retain fluids>
: to keep in mind or memory


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