verb \ri-ˈzand also -ˈsand\

: to become filled with sound

: to make a loud, deep sound

: to make a strong impression or have a great effect on people

Full Definition of RESOUND

intransitive verb
:  to become filled with sound :  reverberate
a :  to sound loudly <the gunshot resounded>
b :  to produce a sonorous or echoing sound
:  to become renowned
transitive verb
:  to extol loudly or widely :  celebrate
:  to sound or utter in full resonant tones

Examples of RESOUND

  1. The organ resounded throughout the church.
  2. His speech resounded throughout the world.

Origin of RESOUND

Middle English resounen, from Middle French resoner, from Latin resonare, from re- + sonare to sound — more at sound
First Known Use: 14th century


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