noun re·prise \ri-ˈprēz, 1 is also -ˈprīz\

: something (such as a piece of music) that is repeated

Full Definition of REPRISE

:  a deduction or charge made yearly out of a manor or estate —usually used in plural
:  a recurrence, renewal, or resumption of an action
[French, from Middle French]
a :  a musical repetition:
(1) :  the repetition of the exposition preceding the development (2) :  recapitulation 3
b :  a repeated performance :  repetition

Examples of REPRISE

  1. They ended their performance with a reprise of the opening number.
  2. The team is hoping to avoid a reprise of last year's defeat.

Origin of REPRISE

Middle English, from Anglo-French, seizure, repossession, expense, from feminine past participle of reprendre to take back, from re- + prendre to take, from Latin prehendere
First Known Use: 15th century


verb re·prise \ri-ˈprīz, 3 is -ˈprēz\

: to repeat (something, such as a performance of a piece of music)


Full Definition of REPRISE

transitive verb
archaic :  take back; especially :  to recover by force
archaic :  compensate
a :  to repeat the performance of
b :  to repeat the principal points or stages of :  recapitulate

Examples of REPRISE

  1. He will reprise his role in the play.
  2. <the prosecutor's closing statement effectively reprised the case against the defendant>

Origin of REPRISE

Middle English, from Middle French repris, past participle of reprendre
First Known Use: 15th century


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