noun \ri-ˈpr-tər\

: a person who writes news stories for a newspaper, magazine, etc., or who tells people the news on radio or television

Full Definition of REPORTER

:  one that reports: as
a :  a person who makes authorized statements of law decisions or legislative proceedings
b :  a person who makes a shorthand record of a speech or proceeding
c (1) :  a person employed by a newspaper, magazine, or television company to gather and report news
(2) :  a person who broadcasts news
re·por·to·ri·al \ˌre-pə(r)-ˈtr-ē-əl, ˌrē-\ adjective
re·por·to·ri·al·ly \-ē-ə-lē\ adverb

Examples of REPORTER

  1. She's a reporter for one of the major networks.
  2. <the reporter was careful to ask as many questions as possible without annoying anyone>

First Known Use of REPORTER

14th century


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