verb \ri-ˈple-nish\

: to fill or build up (something) again

Full Definition of REPLENISH

transitive verb
a :  to fill with persons or animals :  stock
b archaic :  to supply fully :  perfect
c :  to fill with inspiration or power :  nourish
a :  to fill or build up again <replenished his glass>
b :  to make good :  replace
intransitive verb
:  to become full :  fill up again
re·plen·ish·able \-ni-shə-bəl\ adjective
re·plen·ish·er noun
re·plen·ish·ment \-nish-mənt\ noun

Examples of REPLENISH

  1. An efficient staff of workers replenished the trays of appetizers almost as quickly as guests emptied them.
  2. He replenished his supply of wood in preparation for the winter.
  3. Drink this—you need to replenish your fluids after your hike.
  4. plants that replenish soil nutrients


Middle English replenisshen, from Anglo-French repleniss-, stem of replenir to fill, from re- + plein full, from Latin plenus — more at full
First Known Use: 14th century


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