verb \(ˌ)rē-ˈō-pən, -ˈō-pəm\

: to open again after being closed

: to start (something) again after a period without activity

: to discuss and make changes to (something that had been considered finished) again

Full Definition of REOPEN

transitive verb
:  to open again
a :  to take up again :  resume <reopen discussion>
b :  to resume discussion or consideration of <reopen a contract>
:  to begin again
intransitive verb
:  to open again <school reopens in September>

Examples of REOPEN

  1. The restaurant will reopen in April.
  2. I'm sorry, but the store is closed. We reopen at nine on Monday.
  3. The cut on his knee reopened when he tried to run.
  4. The company announced plans to reopen its Detroit factory.
  5. a procedure to reopen a clogged artery
  6. The district attorney reopened the murder case because new evidence was found.
  7. He wants the team to reopen his contract.

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