adjective \ri-ˈlakst\

: calm and free from stress, worry, or anxiety : not worried or tense

: informal and comfortable

: not strict or carefully controlled

Full Definition of RELAXED

:  freed from or lacking in precision or stringency
:  set or being at rest or at ease
:  easy of manner :  informal
:  somewhat loose-fitting and usually casual in style <relaxed jeans>
re·laxed·ly \-ˈlak-səd-lē, -ˈlakst-lē\ adverb
re·laxed·ness \-ˈlak-səd-nəs, -ˈlaks(t)-nəs\ noun

Examples of RELAXED

  1. Nothing makes me feel more relaxed than a nice hot bath.
  2. I used to get really nervous performing, but I'm pretty relaxed about it now.
  3. He's a very relaxed guy.
  4. The restaurant had a relaxed atmosphere.
  5. The seminar was very relaxed—we met at the professor's house instead of the lecture hall.
  6. We have a relaxed dress code at the office.
  7. a relaxed set of rules

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