verb \(ˌ)rē-ˈfō-kəs\

: to adjust (something, such as a camera or a lens) again to make an image clear

: to cause (something, such as attention) to be directed at something different

Full Definition of REFOCUS

transitive verb
:  to focus again
:  to change the emphasis or direction of <had refocused his life>
intransitive verb
:  to focus something again
:  to change emphasis or direction

Examples of REFOCUS

  1. She refocused her energies toward a career in music.
  2. He needs to refocus his attention on his schoolwork.
  3. Sports are not a priority now. You need to refocus and improve your grades.

First Known Use of REFOCUS

circa 1865

Rhymes with REFOCUS


transitive verb \(ˈ)rē-ˈfō-kəs\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of REFOCUS

: to focus again
intransitive verb
: to focus something again


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