verb \(ˌ)rē-ˈen-tər\

: to go into (a place you have left) again

: to go back into (a game that you were participating in earlier)

: to type in (words, data, etc.) again on a computer

Full Definition of REENTER

transitive verb
:  to enter (something) again
:  to return to and enter
intransitive verb
:  to enter again

Examples of REENTER

  1. The space shuttle has safely reentered the Earth's atmosphere.
  2. If you leave the theater, you won't be allowed to reenter without showing a ticket stub.
  3. The quarterback reentered the game in the second half.
  4. The original file was corrupted, so they had to reenter the data.

First Known Use of REENTER

15th century


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