adjective \rek-ˈtaŋ-gyə-lər\

Definition of RECTANGULAR

:  shaped like a rectangle <a rectangular area>
a :  crossing, lying, or meeting at a right angle <rectangular axes>
b :  having edges, surfaces, or faces that meet at right angles :  having faces or surfaces shaped like rectangles <rectangular parallelepipeds> <a rectangular solid>
rect·an·gu·lar·i·ty \(ˌ)rek-ˌtaŋ-gyə-ˈla-rə-tē\ noun
rect·an·gu·lar·ly \rek-ˈtaŋ-gyə-lər-lē\ adverb

First Known Use of RECTANGULAR

circa 1560

Other Mathematics and Statistics Terms

abscissa, denominator, divisor, equilateral, exponent, hypotenuse, logarithm, oblique, radii, rhomb


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